The Programme

The learning of writing skills should be a fun process for your child to cultivate a love for writing. Through structured lessons and interactive learning, your child will learn to write with interest and grow in confidence as a young writer.

Learning Outcomes

Content and Writing Skills
  • What makes the structure of a story
  • How to plan a story using topics based on 4 pictures
  • How to write a story with logical flow
  • How to apply the writing skills to schoolwork
  • How to identify the main character
Language Learning
  • How to write a story with complete sentences
  • How to use vocabulary words to write a descriptive story
  • How to use sentence starters for a sentence to read better
  • How to remember the vocabulary words

Lesson Fees

$248 for 4 lessons*

*Excludes miscellaneous fees

Programme Details

Yearly Schedule 
January to May, July to November

Class Schedule 
1 hour and 30 minutes for each lesson

One Term 
10 lessons

One Year 
4 terms

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