Read what parents say of our programmes

“Since joining CreativEdge for the iWritePSLE Programme, Charlton had strived hard for the last 4 months. After enrolling him for the programme, I noted that he had greater enthusiasm and interest in his work. Due to the programme’s systematic approach and the trainer’s ever encouraging words for Charlton, his confidence level was increased and he achieved a significant improvement for his composition-writing. The trainer and the centre have formed the perfect balance of warm and kind instruction combined with an educationally-focused structure. I would like to sincerely thank the trainer for her dedication and patience towards Charlton.”

Tricia, mother of Charlton Tan, P6(GEP) student of Tao Nan School

“Previously Alethea would focus more on writing creatively hence she would write whatever that came to mind. After enrolling Alethea in the programme, I noticed that she is able to more fully capture the theme of the story so as to fulfil the exam requirements. Her story content has also became more substantial and the wider knowledge of vocabulary words as well as the writing techniques taught have further aided her in improving her writing too.”

Lena Lim, mother of Alethea Tan, P6 (GEP) student of Raffles Girls’ Primary school 

“Mika definitely became a better writer after attending the class. When she first started, she could not connect her ideas. The programme helped to improve her sentence structure and she was taught how to create appropriate problems for her stories. Now she can connect her ideas more fluidly and her writing has improved. Not only so, the sentence starters , overused verbs and wide range of topics covered have also been very helpful in improving her writing.”

Mrs Chia, mother of Mika Chia, P6 student of Nanyang Primary School 

“Renee has always struggled with expressing herself on paper. However since starting the iWrite programme in Primary 3, the materials and teaching instruction have proved to be very helpful in aiding Renee in crafting her story as well as to avoid using common words. This has led to a significant improvement in her grades. Above all, it has been such a pleasure to see that she is now showing more confidence in writing and looks forward to her next writing assignment. “

Cindy, mother of Renee Yadav, P5 student of River Valley Primary School

“Both my children enjoy their weekly lessons at CreativEdge. As a result, they participate actively in the discussions in class that assist them in brain-storming ideas to improve their content. Their school teachers have feedback that their vocabulary bank and content have improved tremendously. It also makes a difference to the parents to see their children looking forward to the classes they attend at CreativEdge.

Sophie has been with CreativEdge for 4 years and recently she achieved an almost perfect score for her preliminary composition exam. I feel that I do not have to worry about Paper 1 anymore as I know CreativEdge will take care of that. In my opinion, the delivery of the teachers and the resources take priority as compared to physical location or centre names. “

Mrs Tan, mother of Sophie and Lukas Tan of Temasek Primary School