“Last year, while in Primary 3, Ben did not like to write compositions. He faced difficulty in coming up with a flowing and coherent storyline based on the 3 pictures provided as well as a reasonable conclusion to his story. Also, he would often repeat simple words in his composition (e.g. said, walked, ran), despite having above average vocabulary.

In the beginning of this year, Ben started writing lessons with CreativEdge. Through the structured and systematic approach to composition writing and guidance to use different ‘action’ and ‘emotive’ words taught in the lessons, Ben’s confidence in composition writing grew. From taking more than one and a half hour to write one composition with adult supervision and guidance, he now takes about forty-five minutes to write one INDEPENDENTLY. His composition grade for this year’s year-end examinations is a ‘B’ (16-17 marks), a marked improvement from the ‘F’ grade (5 – 11 marks) when he first started (grade is based on CreativEdge’s rubric for composition writing). Naturally, we are very pleased with his progress.”

Mrs Loh, mother of Benjamin Loh, P4 student of Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)

“My son always looks forward to attending CreativEdge’s writing class as it teaches him new writing strategies in a fun and interesting manner. Ms. Low, my son’s instructor is amazing! She is caring, encouraging and always there when my son needs her to comment on his work. The programme, professional and caring instructor as well as administrator makes CreativEdge a great place to improve my son’s writing skill.”

Mrs Chan, mother of Ruijia, P5 student of Kong Hwa School 

“My two daughters have enjoyed their short but enriching learning journey during their weekly classes for the iWrite programme. They have always had difficulty with their writing with no systematic thought and lack the range of vocabulary suitable for them. After a few lessons, I could see a tremendous improvement for my Primary 4 daughter with her writing style. My other Primary 3 daughter started to use the vocabulary and phrases she had previously learned and started applying it to her writing.I just wished I knew about iWrite earlier .. My girls will thoroughly miss their weekly lessons.”

Schnabel Tan, mother of Rebecca and Renee Rudianto, P3 and P4 students of Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Toa Payoh)

“My son started attending classes at CreativEdge since P2 and I have seen how he has improved in his English language. The curriculum and program materials are very effective and well structured. Ms Low is a very committed teacher and often goes the extra mile. She sets high standards for her students to motivate them to work harder whilst maintaining the fun and laughter in class.”

Jinny Goh, mother of Heok Hwa, P4 student of River Valley Primary school

Ms Low is a passionate teacher and she is able to explain concepts clearly to the students. My boy has definitely shown benefited from attending Ms Low’s class and his vocabulary for creative writing has also improved.

Tan Meng Shern, father of Tan J Young, P3 student of Catholic High School (Primary)