“I would like to thank CreativEdge for bringing up the standard of Ismail’s compositions from an average 24/40 when he first started on the iwrite programme in early P5 to 31/40 for end of year P5 exams and then to 37/40 for P6 prelims. He eventually scored an A* for English at PSLE, a feat that I thought was a little hard to achieve as his strengths and interests are not in languages. The methods taught are systematic and easy to grasp. They have greatly helped Ismail in formulating more expressive sentences and deeper content resulting in a much better overall quality in what he writes. I am really glad I got help from CreativeEdge in time and the resources spent was well worth it.”

Siti Aisha bte Abdullah, mother of Muhammad Ibrahim bin Mohd Salim, P6 (GEP) student at St Hilda’s Primary school

“CreativEdge has been helpful in teaching the appropriate skills to my child. Although my child may read a lot of books and his English is good, this programme has helped him to learn how to form a story properly by teaching him how to put a thought/idea logically and rationally into a properly structured story which is catered to our local exams. It is evident how he is able to structure his composition with the skills that he has learnt and is now able to put it to use independently. I also appreciate that the trainer is competent and careful with giving attention to each child. That to me personally is important because my child needs to be supervised.”

Mrs P, mother of student at Maris Stella High School (Primary)

“My daughter, Katelyn Goh, attends the P4 iWrite Weekly class. She is an avid reader, with a good spoken command of the language. She also loves writing short stories in her free time, and is often very creative and imaginative in her story-telling. However, this somehow did not translate into good results for her composition-writing in school. She had trouble with logical sequencing, proper pacing and structuring of the narrative, amongst other issues.

Since attending the P4 iWrite Weekly classes, the improvement in her compositions has been tremendous. I can see that she now has a better grasp of what is required of a strong composition, and I can see how she is incorporating what she is learning in class in her written work. 

In half a year, she has successfully moved from a Band 2 grade to a high Band 1 grade for English composition. I am convinced that this is due to the valuable input she has received through the iWrite Weekly classes. Katelyn also enjoys the classes as they are highly interactive and engaging. This is thanks to the dedication and hard work by the teachers to make composition writing come alive for the kids. Thanks!!.”

Mrs Goh, mother of Katelyn Goh, P4 student of Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School (Primary)

“Aderic has really enjoyed the time spent here at Creativedge. The lessons have taught him to be an expressive writer and a confident speaker. I see a significant improvement in his pronunciation and his written work, especially the widened range of vocabulary evident in his compositions. He is now more confident of his English language scores in the prelims this time!.”

Mdm Anne Tan, mother of Aderic Choo, P6 student of Maris Stella High School (Primary)

“Justin is an avid reader but never translated that love into writing good compositions. Coming to CreativEdge Learning has equipped him with the tools to transform from being a voracious reader to becoming a good storyteller.

Thank you, CreativEdge Learning for giving Justin the tools to enjoy the art of storytelling.”

Mr Goh, father of Justin Goh, P6 (GEP/Intermingling) student of Nanyang Primary School