Both my daughters are enrolled in the programme and they are always looking forward to attend their classes. This is important to me as it is reassuring to know that the girls are enjoying their lessons while learning.

My Primary 4 daughter used to find it hard to write a composition as she did not understand what are the relevant details required in writing each section of the composition. After enrolling in the programme, she is now able to understand what each segment should entail. She has benefited from the step-by-step approach and the clear teaching instruction that enabled her to crystallise her ideas and craft a composition sequentially.

I noticed that my younger daughter’s accuracy and precision in her grammar foundation improving due to the consistent drilling and reinforcements in their materials and weekly classes. She is able to find the relevant keywords to lead her to the correct answer across all the components.

Both of their vocabulary has improved significantly and I’m glad that they have been introduced and taught how to use these words appropriately.

Tim Lee, father of Clara and Cheryl Lee, P4 and P2 students of St Margaret’s Primary school