The Programme

To meet the school requirements , our Primary 2 English writing class focuses on the planning of the story structure and proper expansion of each paragraph with logical details.

In our Primary 2 English writing class, your child will continue to learn new writing skills. Using our structure and steps , your child will learn how to write a proper story structure and logical details.

Furthermore, our writing class will also help your child to build his word bank. Your child will not only know learn new vocabulary words but also how to correctly include each vocabulary word in a sentence.

Your child will learn how to write a story to meet the Primary 2 academic standards. By using his or her imagination, your child will continue to learn writing with keen interest.

Learning Outcomes for Primary 2 English writing

Content and Writing Skills

Your child will learn :

What makes the basic structure of a story

How to plan a story using topics based on 4 pictures

How to visualise and describe the events in a story

How to start a story with a clear introduction

How to write the body paragraph with sequential details

How to end the story with a complete conclusion

How to apply the writing skills in an exam

Language Learning

Your child will learn :

How to use general and topic-specific vocabulary words

How to use sentence starters to make a sentence sound better

How to use conjunctions to join sentences

How to apply the vocabulary words in an exam

How to correctly write speech

Primary 2 English writing class

Lesson Fees

$260 for 4 lessons*

*Excludes miscellaneous fees

Programme Details

Yearly Schedule 
January to May, July to November

Class Schedule 
1 hour and 30 minutes for each lesson

One Term 
10 lessons

One Year 
4 terms

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