Primary 3 Head Start for English holiday programme in Singapore

If you are looking for the language skills and strategies to give your child a head start for Primary 3 English in 2020 , do sign up for Creativedge Learning’s English holiday programme in Singapore!

Our English holiday programme provides a complete introduction to the Primary 3 English syllabus.

By providing a balanced instruction of composition writing skills for Paper 1 and the language components for Paper 2, our holiday programme will boost your child’s language skills.

Your child will learn the writing rules and exam techniques specific to the Primary 3 composition exam. In addition, your child will learn the complete narrative writing structure which is used in the writing of all stories.

With our focus on the keyword identification technique, your child can learn to answer grammar and vocabulary questions with understanding and precision .

At the end of our English holiday programme, your child is certain to gain a head start for Primary 3 English.

Learning Outcomes

Our Primary 3 English holiday programme provides a strong head start for your child:

  • Learn the important exam rules for the composition exam.
  • Learn to apply the writing skills to form a complete composition
  • Answer grammar and vocabulary questions with precision
  • Learn the answering techniques for comprehension
  • Learn to complete cloze passages through identification of relevant keywords
English holiday programme - Primary 3 head start

Lesson Fees


*Excludes miscellaneous fees

Workshop Details

9th to 13th December 2019 1pm – 3.30pm

Class Schedule 
1 hour and 30 minutes for each lesson

Total Lessons
5 lessons

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