The Programme

It is never too early to develop your child’s creative writing skills. Our programme for students in Primary 3 writing trains students to start writing about topics similar to the Primary School Leaving Examination composition exam format in Singapore. Through our highly-interactive lessons, your child will have fun as he or she learns to write a story with a sequential and clear description of the content using the key writing techniques.

More importantly, your child will also learn to consider the exam rules and guidelines as he hones his creative writing skills.Your child will also be enriching his or her vocabulary with a wide range of vocabulary words which are taught when you enrol him in our English programme for students in Primary 3 at our tuition centre in Singapore.

Learning Outcomes

You may find the learning outcomes of our creative writing programme for primary 3 pupils in Singapore below:

Content and Writing Skills

Your child will learn :

  • What is the intermediate story structure at the Primary 3 level
  • How to plan a story using topics based on 1 title and 3 pictures
  • How to plan a story with a proper flow and sequencing
  • How to systematically describe and write each part of the story
  • How to visualise and describe the events in a story
  • What are the exam rules and tips
  • How to apply the writing skills in an exam

Language Learning

Your child will learn :

  • How to replace common words with specific vocabulary words to describe actions and feelings
  • How to use sentence starters to vary the sentence structures
  • How to use thematic vocabulary for each writing topic
  • How to remember and independently apply the vocabulary words

Lesson Fees

$276 for 4 lessons*

*Excludes miscellaneous fees

Programme Details

Yearly Schedule 
January to May, July to November

Class Schedule 
1 hour and 30 minutes for each lesson

One Term 
10 lessons

One Year 
4 terms

Contact us

Should you have any questions about our creative writing programme for primary 3 pupils, feel free to reach out to us. You may click here to leave us a message and our customer service team from Singapore will be in touch shortly.