Our PSLE holiday programme for Primary 5 and Primary 6 pupils

Is your child unsure of what to write for certain topics?

Is your child unsure of the important exam considerations and what the markers are looking for in a mark-scoring story?

If so, this is the workshop for your child.

Learning Outcomes

The PSLE composition exam covers a wide range of topics based on a number of themes.

With the wide range of topics, pupils often encounter difficulties creating significant story lines for the more challenging titles.

Not only so, pupils have to create story lines that fully reflect the title and fulfill certain expectations that the markers have for the individual topics.

Therefore, it is important for pupils to know how to write strategically. This means pupils should know which parts of the story to write in greater detail so as to emphasize and fully reflect the given title.

Our What to Write workshop focuses on the crafting of mark-scoring story line for the PSLE composition exam. With a strong emphasis on content, your child will :

  • Learn using a wide range of writing topics based on the most current exam topics.
  • Evaluate the mark-scoring content storylines.
  • Learn which are the storylines to avoid.
  • Learn what markers are looking for.
  • Plan the storyline of each mark-scoring storyline.
  • Learn exam-smart strategies when evaluating storylines for use in exams.
PSLE holiday programme for creative writing

Lesson Fees

2-day : $300*

3-day : $380*

*Excludes miscellaneous fees

Workshop Details

2 day run: 28th to 29th Nov 2019, 1pm – 4pm

3 day run: 18th to 20th Nov 2019, 1pm – 3.30pm

Class Schedule 
3 hours / 2 hours and 30 minutes each lesson

Total Lessons
2 lessons / 3 lessons

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