PSLE composition exam series (Part 1) – Learn the common themes and titles

As the PSLE composition exam is around the corner, this is the first in our series of articles on composition writing. This is to help parents and pupils better understand just how to achieve a good score for the composition exam.

For the Primary 6 PSLE composition exam, the first and most important component is the title. Naturally, most concerned parents and pupils will be keen to “spot” the more common composition titles which could just be the title for the PSLE composition exam.

For the PSLE composition exam, most of the composition exam titles are based on the theme of human values. This means things that you believe are important in the way you live. The focus is on writing a composition which “shows” a human value that the reader can learn after reading the story.

Types of themes

Here are the top 10 exam themes and related titles for the Primary 6 PSLE composition exam :
  1. Courage – An act of courage , A brave act
  2. Determination – A challenge , An achievement , A proud moment
  3. Compassion – Making a new friendship , An act of kindness
  4. Accountability – Being responsible , Being entrusted with an important task
  5. Integrity – A dilemma , A difficult decision . Keeping a secret
  6. Neighbourliness – Being neighbourly , Being good neighbours
  7. Teamwork and Cooperation – Teamwork
  8. Self-Control and Discipline – Getting into trouble, A regretful lesson, an impulsive act
  9. Gratitude – Being grateful , A second chance
  10. Prudence (being careful in making decisions) – A misunderstanding, Making a mistake

Types of titles

In addition to the common exam themes, Primary 6 pupils should take note that there are two types of composition titles – direct and indirect composition titles

Direct titles

Direct titles show the theme that the story should have. This means by reading the title, pupils can easily deduce the theme.

An example is the title “A Kind Act”. It clearly shows the theme of compassion.

Indirect titles

Indirect titles are more challenging as they do not clearly reflect the theme. In other words, pupils have to link a seemingly unrelated title to a relevant theme.

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