PSLE composition exam series (Part 2) – Understand the title

Learn about the different types of titles to write a good story for the PSLE composition

In the PSLE composition exam, it is most important to write a composition which fully reflects the title. For example, a pupil wrote a composition based on the title “An Unexpected Visit“.  However , after reading it, the marker thinks that there was no unexpected visit written in any part of the composition. Consequently, the composition is considered as written out of point. In this case, the pupil almost certainly will not receive a passing mark (20 marks and above) for the particular composition.

Therefore, understanding the title is the key to writing a good composition for the PSLE exam.  This starts with deciding if the title is a direct or indirect title.

A direct title allows the pupil to easily deduce the moral lesson or the life lesson that the composition should be based on. An example is 2018’s PSLE composition title “Teamwork”. Based on the title, the pupil can swiftly understand that the composition must be on an incident which focuses on the importance of teamwork.

An indirect title can be considered more challenging as the moral lesson or life lesson is not clearly shown in the title. For instance, the composition title “A Disappointment”. Most pupils think they should be writing a story which only focuses on a disappointment that they encountered. Although such a story is not considered out of point, it is deemed mediocre (average) since there is no valuable lesson to be learnt.

The key is to look beyond the title and turn the negative value (disappointment) with a positive value like determination. In other words, the focus of the composition should be on overcoming the disappointment with determination. This then leads to an inspiring story with a valuable lesson to be learnt. For a sample story, do refer to our model composition on “A disappointment“.

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