Learn how to write a composition with our new series “The Smart Writer’s Handbook”

Many children often find it difficult to learn to write a composition as there is no fixed answer to writing each composition. Writing a composition requires detailed content which is expressed using a strong command of the language. Some children are do not know what to write in a composition while some other children do not know how to write a composition. Therefore, it can be a challenge to better the writing as children have to juggle both content and language to write a composition.

We are excited to share our complete resource for pupils to learn how to write a composition. In collaboration with Casco Publications , our new series of writing handbooks “The Smart Writer’s Handbook” for Primary 3 to Primary 6 will hit the bookshelves very soon.

To learn how to write a composition, our handbooks effectively cover both the content and language components.

From the planning to the writing of each part of the composition, all our handbooks provide step-by-step instruction for all the writing skills.

Using common exam topics, different storylines are also examined and analysed. This is particularly useful for pupils who are sitting for the PSLE composition exam.

In addition, we understand that good content should be expressed using strong language. Each of our handbooks also includes a wide range of vocabulary words and sentence structures which can be used to write a mark-scoring composition.

Whether you are a parent who wants to guide your child to write a composition or a pupil who would like to learn more about writing skills, “The Smart Writer’s Handbook” is your complete guide to writing a mark-scoring piece of composition.

If you would like to own a copy, email us at admin@creativelearning.com.sg with the following details :

  1. Your name
  2. Contact number and email
  3. Level of handbook and quantity

Alternatively, you can also purchase our Primary 3, Primary 4, Primary 5 and Primary 6 handbooks on Casco’s website or browse our handbooks at all Popular outlets.

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