How to write more for a Primary 3 composition topic

Common problem when writing a Primary 3 composition topic

When it comes to writing a Primary 3 composition topic , it is common that pupils feel ” there is not much to write” for certain topics.

This is partially due to the fact that many Primary 3 composition topics focus on recount writing. Recount writing topics are about the writing of a certain experience . Often the experience can be a mundane one. Therefore there may not be a big or exciting problem in the story.

In this post, we will use a Primary 3 composition topic and illustrate how to write more.

Primary 3 composition topic sample

Most pupils cringe when they are given such a composition topic.

How to write more then?

Pupils should not write a story as how they would react in reality.

This is because a story wholly based on facts can be rather limited in details. This is also precisely why pupils find there is not much to write.

When writing a Primary 3 composition, it should be reality for the most part of it with a little fiction to create more content for writing.

This means that pupils should strive to make up some details of the story.

To create details, pupils can create a detour in the story. In this way, there is more to write as the main character can be doing more in the story.

In this case, an additional scene can be created by having the main character try to find the owner of the wallet first. As such, there will be additional actions that the main character can do to create more content.

This is the key as to how Primary 3 pupils can write more for a composition topic.

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