Put the creativity back into Creative Writing Classes for Primary school

Where's the creativity in creative writing classes for Primary school?

Introduction to creative writing classes for Primary school

Creative writing classes for Primary school provide instruction and practice.

With the learning, pupils can confidently tackle and excel in the composition exam. 

However, many pupils fear not knowing what to write for a composition.

As a result, many pupils attempt to spot exam topics and memorise entire compositions.

This leads some to think that creativity is dead. In other words, any work done is merely to achieve a satisfactory mark for the composition exam.

We would like to highlight that creativity is very much alive and an essential part of the learning process.

Imagination is a vital part of writing. That is to say it is necessary for writing at all Primary levels.

To write a descriptive and engaging story, pupils must use their imagination to create the background of the story, the different scenes and the characters’ actions.

Primary 2

To write a picture composition at the Primary 2 level, pupils must

  • See beyond the 4 pictures
  • Imagine the characters’ actions.

Imagination is an important part of the writing process.

Starting from Picture 1 where pupils should learn to see beyond Picture 1 and imagine what the main character could be doing, out of the picture.

Primary 4

To write a descriptive main event with minimal story gaps, a Primary 4 pupil has to see a chain of events running in his mind.

This means that the pupil must imagine the main character’s actions.

In a creative writing class, pupils are constantly encouraged to use their imagination to write, describe and expand the story.

The important learning benefits

  • Fosters and develops creativity in children
  • Become independent writers in the long term

Most parents think that voracious readers make for expressive writers.

However, the process is generally not that straightforward.

The connection between books and writing has to be explicitly highlighted to most children.

In other words, a writing teacher has to highlight the writing techniques found in books and discuss how the technique is best incorporated in a pupil’s writing.

It takes time for children to embrace creativity.

Ultimately, this culminates in pupils finding their personal writing style and flair for writing at the PSLE level.

Our creative writing classes for all Primary levels cultivate imaginative and expressive writers. Call us today to find out more.

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