How to plan a Primary 2 composition using SPACE?

In our last post, we touched on the SPACE writing strategy which Primary 2 pupils can easily understand and use to plan their compositions. Today, we will show how to plan a Primary 2 composition topic using the SPACE writing strategy.

Plan a Primary 2 composition using SPACE

To plan the story for a Primary 2 composition, pupils should examine the 4 pictures and answer the following questions for SPACE planning. The answers are the story elements and form the basic framework for the story.

S for Setting  

A setting gives the reader an idea of the time and the place. To decide the details for the setting, pupils can always look at Picture 1.  

  1. Where did the story take place?

       The story took place in the park.

2. When did the story take place?

The story took place on Sunday morning.

3. Who was the main character?

Mrs Tan was the main character.

P for Purpose

Every Primary 2 composition topic is based on one main incident which happened to the main character . It is important to know why the incident happened to create realistic content for the story.

The purpose is generally shown in either Picture 2 or Picture 3.

4.     What did the main character want to do?

         Mrs Tan bumped into her friend and wanted to chat with her.

A for Action

Since the main character wanted to do something in Purpose, she will then go on to do it in the Action.

Pupils can identify the Action which is generally shown in either Picture 2 or Picture 3.

5.    What did the main character do then?

Mrs Tan did not pay attention to her pram and it slid down the slope.

C for Conclusion  

For every Primary 2 composition, there has to be a suitable ending to the story. This should be clearly shown in Picture 4.

6.       What happened in the end?

  A man helped to stop the pram from rolling away.

Using SPACE, the basic story elements are decided. Therefore pupils can go on to planning the story flow and organising the SPACE elements in the appropriate paragraphs.

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