Top 2 writing skills to learn for Primary 2 English composition

It is important for pupils to learn and understand key writing skills for Primary 2 English composition. This will set the foundation and pave the way for pupils to be more confident writers as they move up to the Primary 3 level.

Today, we will look at the 2 most important writing skills that pupils should learn for Primary 2 English composition :

1) Learn to see the 4 pictures correctly

Many Primary 2 pupils write a composition by looking at each picture and writing a few sentences using each picture. However, this is picture description, not composition writing. In other words, when pupils write a composition using the “picture description” method, they see the 4 pictures as just 4 pictures. In their minds, they do not see a chain of events happening.

Primary 2 pupils should learn to see the 4 pictures as part of a story. Most importantly, they have to imagine what happens between each picture and write the connecting actions. Only then can they write an English composition with sequential and logical content.

Writing imagination or “seeing” the story in the mind is the key to writing the composition for Primary 2 pupils. Writing imagination is necessary for writing a good English composition, all the way till Primary 6 and beyond. Therefore Primary 2 pupils should learn to use their writing imagination for writing every single composition.

2) Plan the story elements

Since the 4 pictures should be seen as parts of a story, Primary 2 pupils should do story-planning for every composition.

The SPACE writing strategy is a simple yet effective way for Primary 2 pupils to understand and learn the basic story elements that every English composition should have.

Pupils should look at the 4 pictures and answer the following questions :

S stands for Setting – Where and When did the story take place?

P stands for Purpose – What did the main character want to do?

A stands for Action – What did the main character do then?

C stands for Conclusion – What happened in the end?

E stands for Emotions – How did the main character feel?

To understand how to apply the SPACE writing strategy to a Primary 2 composition topic, do read this post.

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