How to start a Primary 5 composition with a story hook

Besides using a flashback introduction to start the composition, pupils can also learn how to write a story hook for Primary 5 compositions. A story hook begins the story in an interesting way.

This technique is suitable not just for the writing of Primary 5 compositions but also PSLE compositions.

A story hook is a technique that hooks a reader’s attention with an attention-grabbing beginning.

For this post, we are examining one type of story hook which is suitable for the writing of a Primary 5 / PSLE composition – the question hook.

What to write for a question hook

An attention-grabbing question hook has 3 elements to draw the reader into the story.

the 3 main elements to write a story hook for Primary 5 composition

1) Question

A question is posed to the reader. This sets the reader thinking and curious about the rest of the story.

The question should be one which is based on the events in the story.

2) Answer

Next , an answer to the question is to be included.

This answer should be written using a personal voice, as if speaking directly to the reader.

3) Ending

The ending sentence completes the question hook.

In this way, there is a clear delineation between the question hook and the rest of the story.

How to begin a Primary 5 composition with a story hook

Chosen picture – Picture 1 (cake)

Suggested Story line – On my birthday, my dog leaped up to take a bite of my birthday cake when I was about to cut the cake.

Step 1 – Start with a question

The question should be an interesting one which is relevant to what happened in the story. In this instance , we ask the reader about a strange situation.

Here are some of the other questions which the pupils in our Primary 5 writing class wrote :

  1. How would you feel if it was your birthday but you were not the birthday boy?
  2. What was the strangest incident that happened to you on your birthday?
  3. What would you do if your birthday was made far more exciting by a dog?

Step 2 – Add your answer

Next, let’s add the pupil’s personal answer to the question.

Step 3 – Complete with an ending sentence

With an ending sentence, it is clear to the reader that the story begins right after the question hook.

To understand how to write a story hook in a composition, simply download our model sample here.

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