The Programme

CreativEdge Learning’s Primary 5 English writing classes aim to give your child a head start for the PSLE writing exam in Singapore. Your child will learn to apply the key writing techniques to a wide range of writing topics with a clear understanding of the exam considerations.

When you enrol your child in our primary 5 English writing classes, he will continue his learning with an expanding vocabulary bank and a widening range of sentence structures. Furthermore, your child will learn to independently evaluate and apply the appropriate vocabulary and sentence structures to craft vivid stories in preparation for the PSLE composition exam in Singapore.

The time to start your child’s preparation for the PSLE composition exam is now. Early preparation at primary 5, is always beneficial for your child to master the writing techniques. Sign up for our English Writing classes in Singapore to get a headstart now!

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes of our primary 5 English Writing classes are geared towards enhancing your child’s confidence in English composition writing and prepare him for national examinations in Singapore.

Content and Writing Skills

Your child will learn :

  • To write with a systematic structure
  • To learn writing skills using step-by-step methods
  • To learn writing techniques such as character profile, flashback and story hook
  • To evaluate a wide range of common exam topics
  • To use sequential thinking skills to identify and fill in story gaps
  • To connect the story details and produce a logical flow
  • To analyse news articles for fresh content ideas
  • To write according to the theme of the topic
  • To brainstorm for creative storylines
  • To avoid common exam mistakes
Language Learning

Your child will learn :

  • To replace overused words with an extensive range of vocabulary words
  • To reinforce the learning through weekly vocabulary and sentence starters quizzes
  • To independently apply a wide range of vocabulary words in his writing
  • To use an increased range of sentence starters to vary sentence structures

Lesson Fees

$276 for 4 lessons*

*Excludes miscellaneous fees

Programme Details

Yearly Schedule 
January to May, July to November

Class Schedule 
2 hour for each lesson

One Term 
10 lessons

One Year 
4 terms

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