The Programme

The Primary 5 English programme gives your child a head start in preparing for the PSLE English exam. Your child will be equipped with all the learning strategies and writing skills to master the examination components.

Learning Outcomes

Our English tuition programmes for primary 5 students in Singapore seek to achieve the following learning outcomes :

Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Pupils will learn all the grammatical syllabus, grammatical rules and thematic vocabulary.
  • Pupils will learn the exam skills and strategies for all the examination components.
Cloze and Comprehension
  • To learn the cloze strategies – identifying the keywords based on content and language clues.
  • To learn the comprehension strategies such as identifying main ideas, learning to infer and make connections.
  • To learn the answering techniques for the different types of comprehension questions.
  • Pupils will learn to write according to the theme of the topic.
  • Pupils will write based on a wide range of common exam topics.
  • Learn the writing techniques such as character profile, flashback and story hook.
  • Pupils will read and examine news articles for fresh content ideas.
  • Learn to avoid common exam mistakes.
  • Pupils will learn and revise a wide range of vocabulary words.
  • Learn and revise the varied sentence starters to vary sentence structures.

Lesson Fees

$360 for 4 lessons*

*Excludes miscellaneous fees

Programme Details

Yearly Schedule 
January to November

Class Schedule 
2 hours for each lesson

One Term 
10 – 12 lessons

One Year 
4 terms

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