4 key rules for Primary 5 composition

4 key rules for Primary 5 English composition

What to expect for Primary 5 composition

Moving up from Primary 4, the Primary 5 English composition format is relatively similar with with one title and three pictures.

However, the total marks will be 40 marks.

Despite the similar format, there are new rules to learn for Primary 5 English composition.

These rules will apply to both Primary 5 and PSLE composition.

Often, we choose to start early by teaching the Primary 4 pupils the following key rules right after the SA2 examinations.

This gives us ample time to reinforce the key rules and have the pupils understand and remember the most important rules for Primary 5 English composition.

Key rules for Primary 5 English composition

The story must reflect the given title. This means when the marker reads the story, he completely agrees that the story is fully about the title.

What happens when the marker disagrees?

Let’s say, the title is Being Considerate. However, the marker thinks that the story is focusing on an inconsiderate act. In this case, the mark is almost certainly a failing one (19/40 or below).

For a better idea of the titles at the Primary 5 level, do read this post.

The 3 given pictures are often entirely separate pictures. Trying to connect the pictures can lead to an unrealistic story line.

It is important to note there are no extra marks given for connecting the pictures so don’t try too hard to do so.

A common mistake that Primary 5 pupils make is to interpret the picture.

Let’s say the picture is a lit candle, some pupils assume that the candle flame can be interpreted as a fire.

The pictures are generally not open for interpretation.

The picture must be emphasized in the story. Whenever possible, the picture is the main focus of the entire story. If not, it is the focus of the main event or climax of the story.

Pupils cannot give a *cursory (brief) mention of the picture at the start or ending of the story. Doing so will also mean a reduction of marks in the content section of the exam.

Join us for our Primary 5 English and writing classes as we reinforce the writing rules while examining more than 20 common exam topics for the year.

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